Words With My Father: Religion and Philosophy



     I feel like todays blog is going to be the beginning of a large strand of blogs to come, and in order to know why, you must first understand my father and my relationship with one another. We are first and foremost parent and child, and I want everyone to understand that before I make my next claim to him. We have never blurred the lines of understanding of this. If I was ever ungrateful or misbehaving, it was quickly corrected with firm parental control, but because of this we have turned into secondary close friends. I can’t claim to be his best friend because that role has been strongly and clearly apprehended by my mother.

     The older I have gotten, and more experienced with life, the better friends we have become. He respects my opinions and values my thoughts. So came the question today…Religion.

     I called my dad around 1 o’clock today and said, “Dad, you know, I think I learned a valuable lesson about life today. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about ‘The Secret’ and, well Dad, I think they’re right. I think we live in a world that is based on the laws of attraction. After all, if I radiate happiness don’t you think I’ll attract more happy people and happiness around me?” My dad, being the open minded religious man that he is listened to me go on and on about how I was now all hyped up about doing good things and in turn attracting good things my way. In theory it’s a great idea and a wonderful way to look at life. I mean, indeed, happiness DOES in fact attract more happiness. Rarely does happy me encounter unhappy others. However, in reality that’s not me controlling the world around me like the book “The Secret” wants me to believe. It’s just me offering myself some happy thoughts about the happy experiences I’ve had throughout my day. No matter what I will always believe in the power of positive thinking.

     However, after much talk about this new yet old found philosophy I had descovered, my Dad brought up some very mind striking, thought provoking ideas.”You know Candace,” He said, “The more I delve into thoughts about life, the more I begin to think about the laws of destruction. Think about a boulder for instance. The laws of destruction say that a boulder will eventually be broken down to into rocks, which are then broken down to pebbles, which will eventually be turned into dust. Unless forced by man, the dust does not form into pebbles, which then turn to rocks, which then turn to a boulder. All natural things in life follow the law of destruction. All except the human cell. A human cell has not ever been man made. It can be replicated, but never created by man himself.” My dad then went on to tell me how life itself is by far the most confusing and hard to understand concepts of all. Yes we will eventually be broken down as well but in order to be created we go completely against the law of destruction.

     We have one cell that then turns into more cells that turn into organs and bones and eventually a person is made. So many things; trees, fire, water, air. All those things can’t feel. They don’t have emotions. 

     My dad said, “There’s a lot to be said about human will. If there was no God or higher being that was interested in our lives men would be completely carnal and out for their own benefit. There would be no love. But my will to risk my life for your brother if he stepped in front of a car sways to the side of love. If I was carnal and out for myself and only my needs I wouldn’t risk my life.”

     After getting into the talk about God being in our lives, I brought up the question of “what am I supposed to be doing? and am I doing it?” In a video we watched, Jesus said to give up all your possessions and come follow me. Dad said, “Take that in a very non literal sense Candace. Maybe at that time it was crucial to ‘literaly’ give their things and follow him, but in our sense now, it can mean something as small as don’t let your posessions or the things you want to posess become your life and the only thing you live for. Live for yourself, live for others, and love your God.” I was so worried that I wasn’t being a Christian, but in reality, the best way to be a Christian is to ‘Love your God, and Love your brother as you love yourself.’ I could not translate it in any better way than by saying…love yourself, and give thanks and appreciation to everyone around you. Be a happy person and you will resonate happiness throughout his kingdom. Do simple yet good things, and those can tumble into larger great things. If you’re called to do something bigger than yourself, encourage yourself or ask for encouragement and you will recieve it. Don’t be afraid to do anything, because in order to live you must be thankful for what you are given and LIVE. Don’t hold back because every second is precious!