About Me

Photo Credit: Matt Allen Photography

Photo Credit: Matt Allen Photography

Welcome all to my blog site! My name is Candace Cutler. I’m a California born, Indiana bred girl who lives for adventures and the stories that multiply from them. I’m what many adults refer to as an “old soul”, meaning that I appreciate chilvalry, love music from before my generation, and enjoy the simple things in life like cooking, reading, and conversing via mouth. To date, I’ve been in the Air Force for 3 years and have loved every minute of it. I like to say that I have a double life because I’m one of the girliest people I know yet I have one of the most bad ass, rugged side jobs of, again, anyone I know. I grew up with minor amounts of hardships so, honestly, I have nothing to complain about which is why I decided to call my blog All The Pretty Things. All I’ve seen in life are all the pretty things, and I want to share all my beautiful experiences with the world. If you have comments I would love to hear them…feedback is fun! Thanks for stopping in, feel free to stay a while.

xoxo Candace


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