Day 1: List 20 Random Facts About Yourself

1. I’m an old soul- I love tea, a good book, or a black and white movie. And 60’s-80’s music.

2. I can’t wait to be a mom- Like literally I have names and lives planned out.

3. My favorite dog breed is Samoyed- white and beautiful.

4. I’m terrified of birds- Their talons are a force to be reakoned with.

5. I’m fascinated with the life of Jesus- Not a crazy religious, the man was just amazing!

6. My favorite candy is Skittles- bite size rainbow…hello, obvious choice.

7. I loath technology- ironic since I’m using it right now, right?

8. I’m actually 1/4th Filipino- My grandma came straight from the Phillipines

9. I love to travel- Thailand is my next big trip.

10. I have a tendency of getting myself into long distance relationships.

11. My favorite color is Green

12. Cooking is my second favorite part of the day.

13. Getting ready and putting on my makeup is my favorite.

14. I have a huge weakness for old people and little children.

15. Scary movies are my favorite cinematic genre, yet I can’t watch them alone.

16. I’m not OCD necessarily, but my house will and must be clean at all times, but my room is always a disaster.

17. My natural hair color is close to dark gray.

18. I now equally adore both of my parents, who have been together for almost 29 years

19. I lucid dream whenever I drink hot teas.

20. I’m already with my soul mate, and very happy and lucky for it.

Photo Credits to Google.

Photo Credits to Google.


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